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15 Okt 2021 20:26 #8662 von Ian540
Moving / adding 240v 12v sockets wurde erstellt von Ian540
Hi, we have an Amundsen 540, bought in August. Have managed a couple of trips away to date and really happy with the van. However .. 

I don't think the sockets under the front lounge overhead locker are particularly practical or that tidy if cables are hanging down from the locker. 

I think the left hand side of this locker, above the open shelf would be a better location for the two sockets. 

Had anyone moved these sockets. I have thought about buying some CBE fittings to blank off the current sockets and move the outlets to the side with a new frame and fit a box on the inside of the locker to hide the rear of the sockets. This would allow me to use the existing electrical connectors and therefore not really need any significant electrical work. No new wiring etc. would be required. 

Has anyone done this, or something similar. Any advice very welcome. 

Thanks. Ian

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