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06 Sep 2021 09:12 #8370 von joseluis
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Hi guys!!!! 

Today I'm here to speak about the security, i'm looking for methods to avoid the robbery of my van. Speaking with my mechanic he recommend me to use a Bullock Defender as well as a button to power off the electric circuit, in order to avoid the car start if you don't press the button, but this is hidden and only us know where locate is.(I don't like this option due to possibles problems with the switchboard in a future).

Another options such as audible alarms interest to me.

My question is, What security methods do you use?


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06 Sep 2021 12:28 #8372 von Vroni
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Bearlock und Alarmanlage und vorne spanne ich einen Gurt von Fahrertüre zur Beifahrertüre.

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06 Sep 2021 13:06 - 06 Sep 2021 13:10 #8373 von 4x4tripping
4x4tripping antwortete auf Security (prevent theft)
The ongoing issue is - that you will have to give the keys away sometimes.. Examples: 

- Mechanic Maintenance
- Car cleaning
- valet parking
- vehicle shipping

What ever you do, look that another one is able to handle it. 

I did struggle with my "method" on my travel car, because the mechanics did forget my instructions instantly, and try to "fix it" later.

Often you have as customer no access to the mechanic floor - and you sit at a inhouse balcony with AC and TV and can watch how the mechanics works on your car. So you can watch them trying to fix something who works as designed.

Personally I dont write more about prevention in the internet, that is stuff who has to be discussed directly between mechanic and customer. But be aware that other "upgrades beside from baerlock and alarm" can have some disadventages in the daily use too. To optain a good insurance coverage, seems to bee an important part too..


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