question-circle Frage Columbus 600D Fridge drawer type running non stop and freezing at lowest setting

10 Jun 2021 14:54 #7741 von jFrey04
Hello! everyone,

I have a Columbus 600 D from 2013 bought recently.
The fridge at it's lowest position runs continuously up to freezing !... I suppose the thermostat sensor is failing.
I have read in the forum  i am not the only one facing this failure.
There is an how-to to replace the Thermostat sensor ?
Some help will greatly appreciated 

Best regards to the Westfalia Fan community 


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10 Jun 2021 21:18 #7745 von Ychsel
Hi Jfrey04,

I did not replace it but suppose it is easy, if you can get the spare part. When I built in a more silent fan for the fridge i discovered the sensor cable coming from the fridge to the controller. I have a 540D, so I am not sure if your 600 has the fridge at the same position. My fridge is below the stove. Under the stove there are two black plastic cover for the heat release of the compressor. If you take the inner cover you see the fridge controller and the little cable coming from the back of the fridge. It is sealed at fridge wall with some elastic material.
Some more details you can find in this very good blog  here .

Good luck!


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11 Jun 2021 11:15 #7749 von jFrey04
A big thank you! Axel for you reply.

I have checked the Blog but unfortunately the Columbus has not the same fridge arrangement.
I have open the drawer and lift it up like explain in an other topic, but from there?
There is an aluminium cage protecting the cool box and i don't now how to proceed next !?

jFrey 04

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