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Maximum load weight CJC

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Posted 09 Apr. 2024 18:01 #1
Does anyone know whether the mass running order of the CJC includes the weight of an additional leisure battery? My understanding is that it includes a driver (75kg), a full fuel tank, full fresh water tank, gas bottle, tools.

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Posted 09 Apr. 2024 20:14 #2
this is the Definition as per 2021 CJ price list (Germany):
Unless otherwise specified in the catalog, the price lists or the technical data, or unless otherwise agreed with your seller, the mass in running order is defined as follows  
have made any other agreement with your seller, is defined in accordance with Art. 2, No. 4 a) Regulation (EU) 1230/2012 as: Mass of the vehicle with standard equipment according to manufacturer's specifications incl. driver (75 kg), fuel tank filled to 90 %, systems containing liquids filled to 100 % (Annex V, No. 2.6, footnote (h) VO (EU) 1230/2012) and, if available, the trailer device, the mass of the spare wheel and the tool.
You might find helpful information on CJC weight in this thread:
Are you planning to have your CJC weighed yourself? This should give you the best certainty
CJHD 2019, 2WD
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