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Hi joseluis,
please check this thread:

I won't believe that you can get more than 130WP into that space except you choose a bit more width. Because I was thinking to mount racks for SUP's, beside optical reasons, I decided to go for a smaller one.

You can get this backcontact-panel(Wattstunde) from different dealers; I decided to buy it from FraRon, because I know them, they have a very good service and they were able to deliver asap; also with preconfigurations and the best: the custom made mounting racks in black, which perfectly fit on the roof of the ClubJokerHD ;)

Good luck!

Just my two cents,
ex - [2013er CJHD, T5, 140PS, MT6, mad HD+B6-komfort, BFG A/T KO2 235/70R16, VCC 1212-30, 130Wh Solar, VE MPPT, 2x100Ah LiFePo4, FraRon WR12V/350Wrsinus]

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31 Mär 2021 19:34 - 31 Mär 2021 19:35 #7211 von joseluis
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Thanks for your replies! 

First of all, after some searchs in google I didn't found a panel polycrystalline with the width and length capable of install in my van. The panels from germany websites are all of them monocrystalline, some examples:

I read some information about the diferences between them, being more efficiences the polycrystalline for Spain with a lot of sun and high temperature and monocrystalline for places like Germany with less sun and more colder.

After install my new ones batteries 100ah (x2) some questions remain in my head, How is this low efficiency possible? I mean, if we try to calculate the ah per device my calculations do not come out to match.

Some numbers (more or less)

Stationary heating: 
30W / 12V x 3 hours of daily use = 7.5A

Fridge webasto:
 0,86 Ah x 24 hours of daily use: 20.64A

Water pump:
48W / 12V x 1 hours of daily use: 4A

Leds, and phone no more than 2A

Total per day: 34,14

With two batteries 100ah, I should have enougth batteries for at least three days, is this correct? Because my van don't think the same.

Vendor information:

Best regards!!!!!!!!!
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01 Apr 2021 00:32 #7218 von Tom_B
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Unfortunately i can't confirm the calcuatation above with my real life experience with the CJHD. My assumtion is that the heating require much more than expected / calculated. I faced the situation during a weekend abroad with the heating and cooling running on 24h trusted to the almost new 2x 95AH AMG batteries available with "light" Winter conditions, finaly failed. Means temperature outside was in range of -5 to 3 °C and inside around 20 °C, fride running in parallel. Heating stopped less 24h early morning as battery capacty reached low level and heating didn't start anmore.

Keep in mind that the usablable capacity is aroung 50% for AMG batteries only and the location from the fridge on top of the heating is suboptimal. Furthermore the pure voltage value from the control panel is missleading.

Better way is installing a battery shunt to measure more exact output of A instead of V. Finaly i fixed the problem to changing to costly LiFePo4 battery where more capacity is availble and recharing is feasible in shorter time.

Greetings from Tom


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